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85% Undensified Silica Fume

Place of Origin: China Color: Grey
Existing Form: Powder SiO2: ≥85.0%
Bulk Density: 280-350kg/m3 Specific Surface: 15-30m2/g
Package: 25kg/ plastic bag OR 500kg/ jumbo bag Application: Insulation materials, large concrete projects, mortar, pipe piles, etc.
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85% Undensified Microsilica (Silica Fume Grade 85) is black or gray in color. Complied with ASTM C1240 silica fume standard. Was widly used as concrete admixture.

Bulk Density: 280-350Kg/m3 

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Microsilica ( Silica Fume ) Has the Following Features: 

● Lowers concrete permeability.

● Significantly increases concrete durability.

● Increases ultimate strength gain.

● Beneficial in all types of high strength concrete applications.

● Improves bond strength to steel.

● Significantly reduces alkali-silica reactivity.

● Provides excellent resistance to sulfate or seawater attack.

● Reduces steel corrosion.

● Improves freeze/ thaw durability of concrete.

85% Microsilica ( Silica Fume )
Chemical & Physical Analysis Chemical & Physical AnalysisASTM C1240 - 03EN 13263 : 2005
SiO2 (%)> 85.0400 MT> 85Weekly
SO3 (%)

< 2.0Weekly
Cl (%)

< 0.3Weekly
Free CaO (%)

< 1.0Weekly
Free Si (%)

< 0.4Monthly
Alkalies (As Equivalent Na2O. %)Report400 MT

Moisture (%)< 3.0400 MT

Loss On Ignition. LOI (%)< 6.0400 MT< 4.0Weekly
Specific Surface (BET - m2/gram)> 153200 MT/ 3 Months> 15 & <35Monthly
Bulk Density (kg/m3)Report400 MT

Pozz. Activity Index (%) - 7 Days 

Accelerated Curing

> 1053200 MT/ 3 Months

Pozz. Activity Index (%) - 28 days 

Normal curing

> 100Monthly
Retained On 45 Micron Sieve (%)< 10400 MT

Variation From Avg. Retained On 45 

Micron (%-points)

< 5Avg. Of Last 10 Tests

Density (kg/m3)Report400MT

(1). Silica fume in Concrete:

● Increacing strength

● Increasing density

● Frost resistance

● Early strength

● Abrasion resistance performance, anti-cavitations


(2). Silica fume in Cement

● Strengthens the fibre cement product.

● Increases the packing density of the cement matrix.

● Thereby enhance the durability of the fibre cement product.

● Enhances the plasticity of the fresh mix.

● Increases the bending strength of fibre reinforced cement


(3). Silica fume is used in refractory

● Instead of aluminum oxide to be used as refractory material

● As additive in amorphous and shappely refractory products, greatly improved products strength and high temperature performance.

● As casting combination accelerators in integral teeming ladle

● Agglomerating agent, agglutinant, accelerator and additive in other refractory products..


(4). Other Applications for Silica Fume:

● Rubber industry

● Anti-caking industry

● Pellet binder

● Waterglass industry

● Shotcrete

● Self-Compacting Concrete

85% Undensified Silica Fume(图1)

85% Undensified Silica Fume(图2)

85% Undensified Silica Fume(图3)

85% Undensified Silica Fume(图4)

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