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94% Densified Silica Fume

Place of Origin: China Color: Grey
Existing Form: Powder SiO2: ≥93.0
Bulk Density: 550-700kg/m3 Specific Surface: 15-27m2/g
Package: 25kg/ plastic bag, 950kg/ jumbo bag,1000kg/ jumbo bag Application: Large concrete engineering, mortar, floor, pipe pile, etc.
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94% Densified Microsilica ( Silica Fume Grade 94 ) is a pozzolanic material that consists primarily of fine silicon dioxide particles in a non-crystalline form, the min silicon dioxide (SiO2) is 94%. Our 94% condensified silica fume is strictly complied with ASTM C-1240 silica fume standard.

We are one of the leading silica fume manufacturers in China, we provide 85%-96% densified silica fume and undensified silica fume powder to our customers, our quality is equal to elkem microsilica and sika fume, good silica fume could help you make perfect products and improve your business ROI, contact us for a good microsilica price silica fume price & advice.

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94% Densified Micro Silica Fume Has The Following Features:

● Lowers concrete permeability.

● Significantly increases concrete durability.

● Increases ultimate strength gain.

● Beneficial in all types of high strength concrete applications.

● Improves bond strength to steel.

● Significantly reduces alkali-silica reactivity.

● Provides excellent resistance to sulfate or seawater attack.

● Reduces steel corrosion.

● Improves freeze/ thaw durability of concrete.

94% Densified Silica Fume
SiO2Silicon Dioxide AmorphousMin94%
Fe2O3Iron OxideTypical0.19%
Al2O3Aluminium OxideTypical0.27%
CaOCalcium OxideTypical0.26%
MgOMagnesium OxideTypical0.49%
K2OPotassium OxideTypical0.50%
Na2OSodium OxideTypical0.38%
P2O5Phosphorus PentoxideTypical0.26%
MnOManganese OxideTypical0.25%
TiO2Titanium OxideTypical0.21%
Loss on IgnitionTypical2.88%
Coarse Particles >45µm (325Mesh)Max1.20%
Bulk Density(As Packed)500-700kg/m3 D

(1). 94% Densified Micro Silica Fume In Concrete

 Increacing strength

 Increasing density

 Frost resistance

 Early strength

● Abrasion resistance performance, anti-cavitations


(2). 94% Densified Microsilica in Cement

● Strengthens the fibre cement product.

 Increases the packing density of the cement matrix.

 Thereby enhance the durability of the fibre cement product.

 Enhances the plasticity of the fresh mix.

 Increases the bending strength of fibre reinforced cement

(4). Other Applications Of 94% Densified Silica Fume

 Rubber industry

 Anti-caking industry

 Pellet binder

 Waterglass industry


 Self-Compacting Concrete

Mining & Tunnelling.

High rise buildings.

For producing all concrete products including readymix concrete.

Motorways, bridges & dams etc

94% Densified Silica Fume(图1)

94% Densified Silica Fume(图2)

94% Densified Silica Fume(图3)

94% Densified Silica Fume(图4)

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