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96% Undensified Silica Fume

Place of Origin: China Color: Grey
SiO2: ≥95.0% Specific Surface: 15-30m2/g
Bulk Density: 280-350kg/m3 Package: 25kg/ plastic bag OR 500kg/ jumbo bag
Application: High performance concrete, high-grade refractory, baffle, silicon carbide cover plate 96% Undensified Microsilica Price : $150-$800 Per Ton
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Microsilica ( Silica fume) is a co-product from the production of silicon or ferrosilicon metal. Silica fume is a mineral admixture, a very fine powder of spherical particles that average 0.1 to 0.3 microns in diameter with a surface area of 17 to 30 m2/g. 

Silica Fume Properties

● Microsilica grade 96 is produced purposely as a separate product, aimed for stable properties and very low impu- rity levels. Our 96% Undensified microsilica is also produced with special attention towards microsilica quality.

● The high purity 96% undensified silica fume makes it particularly suitable for its use in refractory applications. The low content of carbon (giving the light colour) ensures good flowability of the castable. The amount of alkalies is also very low, preventing softening at high temperatures.

● Another important characteristic is stable pH-values, giving castables with regular and predictable setting properties.

● 96% undensified microsilica is the standard high quality grade offered to the refractory industry. It is globally available either as densified (D) orundensified (U). It is a versatile quality for use in advanced refractory products such as low and ultra-low cement castables. The colour is light grey with a low amount of impurities.

● Minghong 96% undensified Microsilica is manu- factured on a campaign basis. It is particularly suited as a cost-effective alternative for low-cement castables. The colour is light grey, with a control- led and stable chemical composition.

● Quality Assurance Microsilica is produced, packaged and shipped under strict control according to Quality Management System. The system is certified according to t he ISO 9000-series.

96% Undensified Microsilica Silica Fume For Sale

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96% Undensified Microsilica For Refractory 

The use of silica fume in refractory castables provides better particle packing. It allows for less water to be used while maintaining the same flow characteristics. It also promotes low temperature sintering and the formation of mullite in the matrix of the castable. This produces a castable that has a low permeability to avoid gas, slag and metal penetration. Castables incorporating silica fume are stronger than non-silica fume containing castables especially at high temperatures with higher density they attain lower porosity and are more volume stable.

Advantages Of adding Silica Fume ( Microsilica ) In Refractory

● Silica fume in refractory is used in unshaped refactories

● Silica Fume in refractory is used ingunned refractory materials to improves adhesion in castables and minimizes rebound

● Silica fume in refractory is used in shape refractorie

● Very low permeability to chloride and water intrusion.

● Extremely high electrical resistivity (20 to 100 times greater than ordinary concrete).

● Increased abrasion resistance on decks, floors, overlays and marine structures.

● Superior resistance to chemical attack from chlorides, acids, nitrates and sulfates. 

96% Undensified Silica Fume 
SiO2Silicon Dioxide, AmorphousMin95%
Fe2O3Iron OxideTypical0.21%
Al2O3Aluminium OxideTypical0.08%
CaOCalcium OxideTypical0.11%
MgOMagnesium OxideTypical0.21%
K2OPotassium OxideTypical0.32%
Na2OSodium OxideTypical0.24%
P2O5Phosphorus PentoxideTypical0.09%
MnOManganese OxideTypical0.04%
TiO2Titanium OxideTypical0.01%
Loss On IgnitionTypical2.63%
Coarse Particles >45µm (325Mesh)Max1.20%
Bulk Density(As Packed)200-350kg/m3 U

(1). Silica Fume Used In Concrete

 Increacing strength

 Increasing density

 Frost resistance

 Early strength

 Abrasion resistance performance, anti-cavitations


(2). Silica Fume Used In Cement

 Strengthens the fibre cement product.

 Increases the packing density of the cement matrix.

 Thereby enhance the durability of the fibre cement product.

 Enhances the plasticity of the fresh mix.

 Increases the bending strength of fibre reinforced cement


(3). Silica Fume Used In Refractory

 Instead of aluminum oxide to be used as refractory material

 As additive in amorphous and shappely refractory products, greatly improved products strength and high temperature performance.

 As casting combination accelerators in integral teeming ladle

 Agglomerating agent, agglutinant, accelerator and additive in other refractory products..


(4). Other Applications For Silica Fume

 Rubber industry

 Anti-caking industry

 Pellet binder

 Waterglass industry


 Self-Compacting Concrete

Mining & Tunnelling.

High rise buildings.

For producing all concrete products including readymix concrete.

Motorways, bridges & dams etc

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