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White Fused Alumina

Place of Origin: China Color: White
Crystal Shape: Trigonal Mohs Hardness: ≥9.0
Melting Point(℃): 2050 True Density(g/cm³): ≥3.90
Package: 1 MT big bag or 25kg paper bag *40 bags on one pallet; As per customer’s requirement Application: Various high-end products, crafts or hardware products such as surface beautification. Oilstone/polishing pad, grinding wheels ,Advanced refractory materials, etc.
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Using high quality alumina powder as raw material, by refining and crystallizing in electric arc furnace with high temperature. It has white color, slightly harder and lower toughness comparing with brown fused alumina. Its micro hardness is 2200-2300kg/mm².

With high purity, better self-sharpening and grinding ability, good acid and caustic corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good thermal stability.

White Fused Alumina (Refractory)
Particle SizeAl2O3Na2OSiO2CaO
White Fused Alumina (Abrasives)
Grit SizeAl2O3Na2OSiO2CaO
F is a specification for bonded abrasives and sand blasting
P is the specification for coated abrasives
W is micro powder, 320# is W40

1. Various high-end products, crafts or hardware products such as surface beautification.

2. Polishing and grinding.

3. Making of solid and coated abrasives.

4. Suitable for crystal and ultra-fine grinding and polishing in the electronics industry.

5. Advanced refractory materials.

6. Denim processing and effect patterns for special fabrics such as denim.

7. Oilstone/polishing pad, grinding wheels etc.

8. Anti-friction material, anti-resisting grounds/paper/paiting.

9. Used for making polishing paste/solution etc.

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