How Much Silica Fume Price Per KG?

Silica fume price is mainly affected by the demanding and supplying relationship of the market. Usually Microsilica price is about $150-800 per ton.

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Microsilica price is affected by the following points:

● The distance and transportation method on silica fume price

At present, the cost of logistics and transportation will account for a large part of the silica fume price. Due to the low bulk density and a large volum of the microsilica powder, the transportation cost is obviously higher than that of cement and fly ash, so the microsilica price difference between different regions and regions is large. Contact us to get a good silica fume price based on the different locations. If you use a large amount or are close to our factory, you can get a lower price.

● Different packages impact on price

We usually package the silica fume by 25kg/ plastic bag or jumbo bags, if packaged by the paper bags, the price will be higher.

 Product quality and service impact on price

The silica fume price is also effected by the SiO2 content, the SiO2 content is higher, the price is higher. We provide high quality silica fume with good price and service for our customers.

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